Following their recent integration into the Thermo Fisher Scientfic (LSG) portfolio,  the following life science products may be ordered directly via Bio-Sciences Limited. This includes the following well know product ranges. 

Affymetrix™ microarray solutions*  

USB™ molecular biology enzymes, reagents, and PCR products**

eBioscience™ immunology antibodies, reagents, and assays

This change means you will be able to combine your orders for these products  along with Thermo Scientific™, Applied Biosystems™, Invitrogen™, Gibco™, and Ion Torrent™ life science products  all on one order by email to, through Customer Care by phone, or fax, or through your account sales representatives.


To help simplify the entire Thermo Fisher Scientfic (LSG) portfolio please download the explanatory information sheet and please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information.  We look forward to this exciting development and working together in the future.

During the transition period please do not hesitate to contact Jane Fitzgerald, Product Specialist, who will be managing the transition with any queries you may have regarding order processing.


Please note this excludes Affymetrix Genotyping Products* and USB Biochemical Products**

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