Introducing the QuantStudio™ 1


Thermofisher Scientific launched the new QuantStudio 1 instrument on the 15th January 2019 for the EMEA market.

The system is a youngest member of the QuantStudio Family and offers an affordable basic solution for Real-Time PCR applications. The instrument is ideal choice for users with limited budget, but still brings the well-known Applied Biosystems quality and reliability.

The QuantStudio 1 system is available with 0.2mL 96-well isothermal block and three most commonly used excitation and emission filters: FAM, VIC, ROX. The filters are calibrated for FAM/SYBR Green/SYTO 9, VIC/HEX/TET/JOE, JUN/ROX/Texas Red dyes. The optimal reaction volume in the 0.2mL 96-well block is 10-100µL. With its optics setup the system is capable of performing absolute and relative quantitation of up to 2 targets using ROX as passive reference dye. The system is also suitable for further common applications such as SNP genotyping and Presence/Absence experiments.

The instrument is equipped with an 8.5 inch interactive touchscreen and its intuitive software has pre-loaded optimised protocol templates. In quantitative real-time PCR applications the system detects differences as small as 1.5-fold quantities in singleplex reactions. With its maximum ramp rate of 3.5 °C/sec an average run time is approximately 40 minutes.

The instrument is Cloud-enabled and by using the Thermofisher Connect, users are able to monitor their runs anywhere in real time, analyse and share their data through the Cloud.

For detailed performance and system specifications please see tables below. For advanced features, higher throughput and specific applications please browse Thermo Fisher Scientific website and choose from the extended QuantStudio qPCR product portfolio.

Gyongyi Lukacs, PhD

Field Application Specialist

Bio-Sciences Limited


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