Thermo Fisher Scientific important announcement January 26th 2015

After their acquisition of Life Technologies , Thermo Fisher announce important alignments with some Thermo Scientific brands.

Life Technologies™ and Thermo Fisher Scientific Update

As many of you may be aware Life Technologies™ was acquired last year by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

As a result  of this  there will be some changes that more closely align the Life Technologies™ and Thermo Scientific Brands.  For all your Life Technologies™ products you will continue to order through Bio-Sciences Limited . It remains business as usual.

The Life Technologies Brands available through Bio-Sciences Limited only are as follows:

Invitrogen™, Gibco®,  Molecular Probes®,  Novex®,

Applied Biosystems®, TaqMan®, Ambion® and Ion Torrent™

In addition as   of January 26th the following Thermo Scientific Life Science Products will be available on

  1. Molecular biology reagents and PCR plastics currently sold through Fermentas, Finnzymes and Abgene
  2. Protein biology reagents, instruments and antibodies currently sold through Pierce
  3. Cell imaging and analysis instruments currently sold through Cellomics

Customers will be able to find information and technical resources about these products on  There will be no change to the ordering of these products. You will continue to order the above Thermo Scientific Life Sciences Products through your normal channel.

If you require any  additional information regarding ordering your

Life Technologies™ products please do not hesitate to contact your local sales contact  or call us as per the details below.


To find out more, please contact Bio-Sciences Limited




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