Product Update- Ion Torrent – Next Generation Sequencing

The most advanced templating and sequencing chemistries available to Ion PGM customers

Thanks to many advancements made during the development of the Ion Proton™ and Ion S5™ systems, users of the Ion PGM™ can now avail of a new and improved sequencing chemistry called Hi-Q™ View.

In the first quarter of 2017, the Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ chemistry will be superseded and completely replaced by the new Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View chemistry for use on the Ion PGM system. The production of the Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ chemistry kits will discontinue in the first quarter of 2017. Once made and stocked, they will have a 7-8 month shelf life. This means users will have time to plan their switch over to the new chemistry during 2017.

The new Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View chemistry kits are available for 200 and 400 bp reads for the Ion OneTouch2 or Ion Chef, and can be used with the Ion 314™ Chip v2 BC, Ion 316™ Chip v2 BC, and Ion 318™ Chip v2 BC.

The original Ion Hi-Q™ chemistry helped to improve sequencing performance by reducing variant false positives and indel errors, and increased read lengths and throughput. The new Ion Hi-Q™ View kit helps to improve these performance metrics further.

Firstly, Hi-Q™ View chemistry was designed to deliver better sequencing performance than the previous Hi-Q™ chemistry for the Ion PGM™ System, while maintaining or improving the same high-quality variant calling and sequencing accuracy. The new sequencing solution also improves sequence success through difficult regions.

A reduction in strand bias helps to improve sequencing coverage uniformity between forward and reverse strands, thereby improving variant calling for SNVs and indels.

The Ion PGM™ Hi-Q™ View OT2 Kit introduces the use of coloured Ion Sphere Particles (ISPs) for easier sample visualisation when you prepare your library. The aim of this feature is to reduce the risk of sample loss and ultimately help reduce user-influenced variability. The ISPs are also more uniform to aid in chip loading.


To note, these kits do require updates to the Torrent Server, the OneTouch2 instrument and Ion Chef. The Ion Chef kit requires TSS 5.0.5. 


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