Bellco Glass

Bellco Glass Inc., based in New Jersey, USA, is a family owned and operated manufacturer of laboratory glassware and equipment. Bellco, approaching its 75th anniversary, continues to serve the needs of Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies around the world, offering a wide range of products from roller bottle incubators, roller bottle machines, shaking and rocking platforms and a range of glassware and spinner flasks.

The Bellco portfolio comprises the following range of Laboratory Apparatus and Consumables:

  • Bioreactors 
  • Roller Bottle Incubators 
  • Roller Bottle Apparatus
  • Orbital Shakers and Rocking Platforms
  • Magnetic Stirrers and Spinner Flasks
  • General Laboratory Apparatus
  • Consumables

All companies involved with Vaccine production in Ireland from an R & D and a production perspective are familiar with the Bellco Roller Bottle machines and Roller Incubators. They have a reputation for robust and reliable performance.

Select any of the following links for more detailed information on the Bellco range of products.

  • Bioreactors                                     
  • Equipment                  
  • Floor Equipment                           
  • Spinner Flasks                               

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