15% Discount on the below Thermo Scientific Orion Benchtop Meter Kits.

Please download promotional flier here Please use the promotioal code ORIONKITwhen ordering.

Offer valid until December 31st 2018

Cat No Description Price  Discounted Price
STARA2114 Star A211 pH Meter ROSS SF Kit €852.00 €724.20
STARA2115 KIT  STAR A211 PH  BT €785.00 €667.25
STARA2116 KIT  ORION STAR A211 PH BT W/8157BNUMD €790.00 €671.50
STARA2117 KIT  ORION STAR A211 PH BT W/9157BNMD €733.00 €623.05
STARA2118 Star A211 pH Meter pH &ATC Kit €814.00 €691.90
STARA2119 Star A211 pH Meter S-Flow Kit €774.00 €657.90
STARA2125 KIT  STAR A212 CONDUCTIVITY  BT €1,015.00 €862.75
STARA2135 KIT  STAR A213 RDO/DO  BT €1,494.00 €1,269.90
STARA2136 KIT  STAR A213 RDO/DO  BOD  BT €1,728.00 €1,468.80
STARA2145 KIT  STAR A214 PH/ISE  BT €1,361.00 €1,156.85
STARA2146 !KIT  STAR A214 PH/ISE  AMMONIA  BT €1,810.00 €1,538.50
STARA2147 KIT  STAR A214 PH/ISE  FLUORIDE  BT €1,922.00 €1,633.70
STARA2148 KIT  STAR A214 PH/ISE  SODIUM  BT €1,658.00 €1,409.30
STARA2155 KIT  STAR A215 PH/CONDUCTIVITY  BT €1,705.00 €1,449.25
STARA2165 KIT  STAR A216 PH/RDO/DO  BT €1,926.00 €1,637.10
  Offer Valid until December 31st 2018    

Vat extra at 23% if applicable

Delivery Inclusive 

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