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National Diagnostics is a principal world source for the development and manufacture of chemicals and related products for scientific research and technological application. Their products are designed with an emphasis on minimizing hazards, incorporating environmentally friendly features such as low toxicity, biodegradable solvents wherever possible.

National Diagnostics commit to bringing biodegradable, low toxicity product alternatives to the laboratory and this is exemplified by their liquid scintillation and laboratory cleaning product lines. For more than 35 years National Diagnostics has kept a focus on “green” chemistry, allowing researchers to emphasize environmental responsibility without compromising quality. Their range of products allows customers to pursue scientific research in the knowledge that they are using the best, most reliable, safest products available.

National Diagnostics has set the trend with its innovative range of specialised products covering the following disciplines:

  • Liquid Scintillation
  • Electrophoresis Solutions
  • Histology Solutions

Ecoscint was one of the first biodegradable scintillation fluids on the market.  Protogel is a very popular pre-prepared acrylamide solution for PAGE applications, minimising the risk to exposure of neurotoxic acrylamide powders and Histoclear is a non-hazardous histology reagent, an alternative to the toxic Xylene.

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