Avail of great value on the Thermo Scientific F1 pipettes and S1 Pipette fillers valid up to December 31st 2018

  1. 30% Discount on Finnpipette F1 Pipettes. Please download flier here. Please use code PROFINF1 when ordering
  2. 25% Discount on Finnpipette S1 Pipette Fillers . Please download flier here. Please use code PROFINS1 when ordering.
Cat. No. Description  Promotional Price
4641010N Finnpipette F1 0.2-2µl, micro €210.00
4641020N Finnpipette F1 0.5-5µl, micro €210.00
4641030N Finnpipette F1 1-10µl, micro €210.00
4641050N Finnpipette F1 2-20µl, micro €210.00
4641130N Finnpipette F1 5-50µl micro €210.00
4641040N Finnpipette F1 1-10µl €210.00
4641060N Finnpipette F1 2-20µl €210.00
4641070N Finnpipette F1 10-100µl €210.00
4641080N Finnpipette F1 20-200µl €210.00
4641090N Finnpipette F1 30-300µl €210.00
4641100N Finnpipette F1 100-1000µl €210.00
4641110N Finnpipette F1 0.5-5ml €219.00
4641120N Finnpipette F1 1-10ml €219.00
4641140N Finnpipette F1 5-50µl €210.00
4661000N FINNPIPETTE F1,8-CH, 1-10UL €550.00
4661010N FINNPIPETTE F1,8-CH, 5-50UL €550.00
4661020N FINNPIPETTE F1,8-CH, 10-100UL €550.00
4661030N FINNPIPETTE F1,8-CH, 30-300UL €550.00
4661040N FINNPIPETTE F1,12-CH, 1-10UL €622.00
4661050N FINNPIPETTE F1, 12-CH, 5-50UL €622.00
4661060N FINNPIPETTE F1,12-CH, 10-100UL €622.00
4661070N FINNPIPETTE F1,12-CH, 30-300UL €622.00
4661080N FINNPIPETTE F1,16-CH, 1-10UL €665.00
4661090N FINNPIPETTE F1,16-CH, 5-50UL €665.00
9501 S1 Pipette filler white €320.00
9511 S1 Pipette filler clear €320.00
9521 S1 Pipette filler blue €320.00
9531 S1 Pipette filler red €320.00
9541 S1 Pipette filler green €320.00
  Vat extra at standard rate  
  Delivery Inclusive  
  Valid until December 31st 2018  


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