Flexible configuration and control

Now cloud-enabled for secure remote access

The Applied Biosystems ProFlex PCR System combines the reliability and performance you’ve come to expect from Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers with the flexible configuration and control features that fit how you work today. Interchangeable block formats allow you to maximize your throughput or run independent experiments concurrently. And now you can access your ProFlex PCR System with Thermo Fisher Connect, giving you the freedom to design and securely upload your methods and monitor runs from any smartphone or desktop computer.

Download specification sheet here.

Cat No Description Price Promotional Price
4484073 PROFLEX 3X32-Well PCR System €10,990.35 €6,500.00
4484075 PROFLEX 96-Well PCR System €10,199.51 €6,200.00
4484076 PROFLEX DUAL 96 Well PCR System €13,607.10 €7,500.00
4484077 PROFLEX DUAL 384 Well PCR System €13,607.10 €7,500.00
4484078 PROFLEX DUAL Flat PCR System €13,607.10 €7,500.00
4484071 PROFLEX DUAL 96-Well Sample Block €5,216.06 €2,500.00
4484072 PROFLEX DUAL 384-Well Sample Block €5,216.06 €4,500.00
4484074 PROFLEX DUAL Flat Sample Block €5,216.06 €4,500.00
4483637 PROFLEX 96-Well Sample Block €2,058.51 €2,000.00
4483638 PROFLEX 3X 32-Well Sample Block €2,849.35 €2,500.00

This Promotion has now been extended and is valid until March 31st 2018 or whilst stocks last, whichever first.

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